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JSON Files

Rendering JSON Files

levy supports JSON file as well as YAML. All the features remain the same, however, we need to make sure that the JSON file we write is a correctly formatted JSON after the render phase, which might be a bit tricky at times.

OBS: Note that the added difficulty is only for Jinja templating, as we need to take care about putting all the quotes and commas.

Let's revisit the first example we saw, and how it would look like as a JSON file:

  "title": "Lévy the cat",
  "colors": ["black", "white"],
  "hobby": {
    "eating": {
      "what": "anything"
  "friends": [
    {% set friends = [ "cartman", "lima" ] %}
    {% for friend in friends %}
        "name": "${ friend }",
        "type": "cat"
        {% if loop.index0 < friends|length - 1%}
        {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

As you can see, most of it is the same. However, in the friends list, we need to add specific logic to add commas , if we have not reached the end of the loop.

Afterwards, the API remains:

from levy.config import Config

cfg = Config.read_file("test.json")